Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Trip to Julian!

We were supposed to go to Julian to our timeshare from Monday to Thursday. We always rent a cabin with a lift since we have 7 kids. Well we got there and this was the cabin they gave us.

It's meant for 6 people and when they 6 people they MEAN six people!! It had a queen size bed, a bunk bed in the "hallway" and a sofabed that took up the whole living room! Makkiah was car sick so going home was not an option at that point SO we stuck it out for the night. The only cabin they had with a loft smelled like dead mouse - YUCK!!

So we stayed and swam and then decided to head home. We couldn't even unpack the vehicles cause there was no where to put things. We'll try again later! So we left and came upon road construction. I took the oppurtunity as a photo shoot!!The cars behind me waiting for the pilot car!

The tree right across the road from my window.

The "tree" on Ladaria's side of the road

It won't let me put anymore photos on here so if you want to see the others click on the pictures above!

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Amah said...

Sorry your trip didn't work out!! At least you can have your "family time" anywhere that you are all together. It doesn't have to be "somewhere else". Enjoy having Rod home while you can. I'm glad he made it safe and sound.