Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Went to Makkiah's pre-op appt and all is set for the 28th.

It took us two hours to get through the appt and of course we had to go see anesthesia due to his history.

It seemed like a big waste of time.

The guy says, Well I won't be on the case that day and they will talk to you more on the morning of surgery!

So why did we sit there for 45 minutes waiting for him to show up!

Took us longer to get through pre-op than it did the elderly patients that were in there!!


If all goes as planned he will only miss one day of school.

He should be able to return to school the day after surgery.

The doctor did reiterate that we won't know what we are dealing with until he gets in there though.

Only time will tell!

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Amah said...

Sometimes you wonder if they have any consideration for people at all. Glad it all went ok and I'll be here praying for him on the 28th. Hope we have a more than me praying - I tend to jinx things - you said so yourself. (re: last post)