Monday, August 21, 2006

First Day of School

The two older kids got up and out the door before I got pictures of them.

I got up at 6am and then we started back into our school routine.

Makkiah was so excited and we just couldn't get ready fast enough for him!!

Brayana wasn't so sure about starting 5th grade. She spent a lot of time hiding behind me.

Destini found out which class she was in and she was off.

Jaleel followed me around until we found where his class and teacher were hiding.

Makkiah went right in and claimed that he couldn't find his name on any of the tables. Whoever made the nametags and table name tags had spelled his name MAKKAIH. His teacher was impressed that he knew the difference!

Taniyah was NOT impressed that they were all leaving her and she spent the day glued to me!

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Amah said...

Poor baby!! She won't know what to do with herself!!! I feel soooo sorry for you. She is gonna be on your heels for about a week. You've got an attachment again :)

They all look good (great in fact) and seem to have grown in the short time since I've seen them. How's Naner liking her hair now? better I hope.