Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Day 96!! TWO DAYS LEFT!!

Rod will be home in TWO days.

Well really it's one day and a wake up after today!!

I'm getting REALLY excited!

Today we went and worked out at Curves again.

My muscles are cetainly starting to feel it!

Then I took Mom and Ladaria to the house and headed to Target.

The new tv that I bought needed to be exchanged cause it wasn't working.

I got a better tv at $100 less AND I can take back the bracket that I bought which is another $100!!

What a blessing!!

Then I headed over to the church to get some work done there.

Put all the clean toys into bins and into the rooms.

Cleaned the new toys that I bought so they will will be dry tomorrow when I get there!

From there I headed home and hung up decorations!!

Talked with the neighbor and made dinner.

After dinner I headed off to a meeting at the church which was very informative.

Got some good ideas on ways that the church can improve and grow.

Growth and improvement is always a good thing.

Not always easy but good!!

Now I"m going to sleep so I can wake up to one less day!!

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