Monday, April 17, 2006


Amah, Poppa, and WB headed off to the airport at 3:30 this morning.

I said my good byes before I went to bed as that's just a little to early for me.

Rod left for work around 6:30.

Took Brayana, Destini, and Jaleel off to the schoolbus.

Took Angie and Makkiah to school.

Took Ladaria to school.

Tyreque left for school the same time I left the house since it was a late day.

Then I took Jaleel's meds to the school and tried to register Kiah for kindergarten.

Their copier was down and one of his shots had been left off his shot card.

Headed off to the doctor to get his shot card fixed.

Stopped by the house to make copies for the school.

Went and picked up Angie and Kiah from Headstart.

Brought Taniyah, Angie and Ellie home to stay with the neighbor.

Took Kiah to his appt at the hospital where I was told that he's a classic ADHD kid. Hey at least now I know that he's not psychotic or anything!!

Headed back home to watch the little kids while Rod took the other kids to practice.

Did laundry.

Cleaned the living room.

Finally sat down in the living room which was not quiet.

Mom said she thought I would enjoy having only the two babies and everyone else gone today.

I don't think I stopped long enough to!!

Can't wait for them to come back in June.

I definetly get more accomplished with them here than I do with them gone.

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Amah said...

We alway knew he wasn't psychotic, we just thought maybe we were!! I remember when Jaleel was a tot and asking what you were going to do when he got older - and Kiah is a carbon copy of him. Loveable, adorable, uncontrollable!!! I love them to pieces. Miss you already!!