Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

We are staying busy here.

My old couch is FINALLY gone.

I got rid of three large car loads of STUFF.

The old slide is gone.

Today we cut down all the trees in our front and side yard.

Rented a stump grinder and ground 14 stumps.

Built a small retaining wall to allow us to level out the bottom part of the yard.

Dug out a trench and laid 18 bricks to start our flowerboxes.

Tomorrow we are renting a roto-tiller to till up the yard in front of the porch.

It will allow us to dig out and level the yard easier.

We also are getting 5 yards of dirt to fill our flower boxes and level the yard.

We also are getting 200 bricks to finish the flower boxes.

Not so sure that ALL will be finished tomorrow but we'll get as much as we can done.

We are going to put gravel walks in front of the flower boxes but that's another project for another day.

For now the yard is cleared out and the kids can play in it.

We even took the babies out to play in the front yard for the first time.

Off to do laundry now!!

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