Friday, April 28, 2006

Nosy people

I have a love - hate relationship with Children's services.

I think that the work they do is for the benefit of the child - most of the time, although I've had kids that I felt should NOT be in the system.

Then there are times when I feel that they are just nosy.

Or that they are foloowing up on things that nosy people feel they need to call and talk about because they have nothing better to do with their time.

I had CPS come to my house last night.

They got a call on the hotline about me house.

The allegations:
1)paint peeling off the walls
2)hanging wires in the living room and kitchen
3)no safety plugs in the outlets
4)cleaning supplies left on the floor
5)a generally messy house
6)to many children for one person to take care of

So they came and went through my house, which was not messy, by the way, when they made their surprise visit. There is no paint peeling from the walls, no hanging wires anywhere, no cleaning supplies on the floor, and only half of the outlets had safety plugs in them (so shoot me).

They decided that there were a few things that I needed to fix
1)safety plugs in ALL the outlets
2)putting a lock on the porch with the garden tools because they might use the garden tools to bury each other out back
3)A door on the babies room because they need privacy -I guess the fact that I change them in the living room wouldn't go over to well!!!
4)Moving the cleaning supplies up a shelf - the regulation says they have to be up and out of reach but that leaves the interpretation as to how high and what's out of reach. The fact that they are on a shelf over the kids head was not reasonable to her.

They also didn't care that the one bathroom upstairs is not functioning since we are redoing the floor. I guess the fact that we have FIVE other bathrooms in the house makes up for the ONE half bath that's not operative at the moment.

So for all you NOSY people out there - GET A LIFE!!!

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Amah said...

HORRAYYYYY!!! I have to believe that they mean well - they are just idiots. Like I told you on the phone - We all have to suffer the idiots~ do our best ~ and God will take care of the details.

Love you baby,