Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to write and say Happy Easter to everyone.

We started out the day at 5:30am.

Had to get the oldest 5 kids to a presentation by 8am.

That entailed making sure that all the kids were dressed and fed.

Making sure that everyone had clean ACTION shirts.

Doing the twist in 3 girls hair.

Getting the youngest 4 dressed and ready for my mom who was bringing them to the presentation.

Getting the van seats back into the little van and the 4 car seats buckles back into the seats.

After everyone was dressed and fed we left for the presentation.

The ACTION team and the ACTION juniors were asked to present at an Easter egg hunt.

The event started at 9:30 but we usually get there an hour early so the kids can run through any songs that need work, set props, and get on makeup.

They didn't wear the mime makeup as the church was concerned about scaring the preschoolers.

Jaleel plays Jesus in one of the songs and he wasn't allowed to show any emotion as they didn't want to scare the preschoolers. He did a great job of keeping a straight face. I was impressed!

After the presentation, the youngest 7 kids participated in the Easter egg hunt. All I want to say about that is - Some parents can be REALLY greedy about some small egg shaped plastic that is EMPTY!! Some of the eggs had prize slips in them so the parents were popping the eggs open trying to find the slips.

After the egg hunt we went over to our old church for their Easter service. We had missed the service at our church and thought it would be good to visit friends over at Faith. Some of them we haven't seen since we started going to New Seasons. It was nice to see them and we also chatted with Pastor Mark and his wife.

After church we came home and I cleaned out a few more boxes from the storage shed and then spent some time with Mom. She was packing for part of the day so I cleaned!

In all it was a fun and productive day. My house is FINALLY starting to come together, getting organized and in order.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!

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Amah said...

You forgot the part where Rod had to come back and get the little kids cause you had all the car keys!! We tried to bring them for you, and would've too - if we'd had a way!! :)

Love Mom