Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Flowerbeds are finished!

I've spent the last few days filling the beds the rest of the way up and planting flowers in them. It's so nice to walk out the door and smell the flowers or relax on the porch swing and enjoy the front porch. It's hard to believe that when we bought the house the front porch was so dark and uninviting. Defiently NOT a place that you would want to sit and relax. Now it's one of my favorite places to sit. I can't wait for the flowers to grow and fill in the beds.

I also hung the hose holder that I bought but haven't put it to use yet since we are still having to turn on the sprinklers every day to get the grass to grow. Once the flowers grow and fill in the beds they should hide the concrete "block" that makes our porch. It was so ugly to look at before. Now instead of seeing it you see the flower beds and the flowers. The next project will be to put in a path in front of the beds that goes across the front yard. Trying to decide if I want to gravel or just large stepping stone things. I'm leaning more towards stepping stones since the kids can't remove them as easily as they can gravel.

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Amah said...

They look sooooo good!! I know you put lots of hard work into making things so much nicer to look at. The neighbors must be astounded!!