Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Friday is the day!

It is official. Rod will be leaving on Friday morning. I'm not glad that he's leaving but I am glad to finally have a date. It's been hard with this every day could be the day thing. With bags packed and sitting in the guest room waiting, wondering. I'm thankful that he'll only be gone for 4-5 months instead of the anticpated 18 months. I'm also glad that Ahma and Poppa from over at Sea-Ami will be coming to stay with us for an extended stay. Will be nice to have the help and not have to be a single parent for to long!!


Anonymous said...

we are so here for you guys.

love ya

auntie marsha and uncle will

Amah said...

I'm sorry that he has to go but glad that it will be for so much shorter time than at first. At least once he gets gone - he will be closer to getting back home.

We love you guys and gals!!