Saturday, April 29, 2006

Day One

Rod has been gone for one day.

Nothing has exploded, died, plugged, clogged, starved, broken down, and fallen apart - yet!!

There was a bug (not just any bug but a BIG bug) in my living room.

I had to squelsh my fear of big bugs YUCK and, thankfully it was on a basket, take it outside and kill it.

My Mom says I should have just shoo'd it off but...

what if it was some mass reproducing bug,

or a bug with a homing instinct,

or just a big UGLY bug?

I played it safe and smashed it - DEAD!

And thankfully I was not attacked by an armegedon of big ugly bugs, cause then something would fallen apart - ME!

But alas, we are all still in one piece and hopefully they will all stay that way, at least for a few days longer!!

I got all my supplies to finish my "projects".

The ones that have been so loving bestowed upon me due to the well meaning indivdual in my life.

I'm sure there is a reason that God has put her there but I'm not seeing it to clearly right now.

Maybe after the sawdust cloud dies down I will though!!

Off to make sure all the doors are locked.

Then off to bed, again, by myself!

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