Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beginning our trip

We are all packed up and headed off to Florida and Georgia for two weeks.

We got up really early, really really early. Got all of the kids and luggage packed into the van.

Deacon H drove us to the airport and dropped us off. We did curbside check in and headed off for security.

What a process. Shoes off, medications out, baby food out, laptops out, camcorder out, pockets emptied, belts off, earrings off. Stroller and carry on bags pushed through. And then on the other side all of that stuff put back on.

I found the kids a place to park and started carrying bags over. Thankfully I didn't pick up any bags that weren't ours.

We got through in plenty of time and hung out in the terminal waiting for our flight.

We learned that they no longer preboard people with small children. Nope you just have to board with everyone else. So with nine kids in two we boarded and tried not to hold up traffic to much.

We made it to DFW and had some time to stretch out legs and run around. They have this really cool structure in the airport that the kids enjoyed playing in.

After a while we were on our second leg of our flight to Orlando. Once we boarded the flight we were delayed, by an HOUR! One extra hour sitting in a plane with nine children and no change of scenery, they were wanting a war. Thankfully my kids did very well, the baby was tired and went to sleep and the others listened to music and had snacks.

We got into Orlando much later than we should have and I knew that Mom was probably beside herself. I was right. She was waiting, as patiently as she could, for us to come through the gates.

By that point we were all tired but we still had to get the rental and drive to Vero Beach. After a stop at McD's and some coffee I was good to go. I think I did much better than the semi driver who was swerving anyway.

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Amah said...

You did a whole lot better!! And we couldn've gotten Gator at the Lone Cabbage instead of McD if the plane hadn't taken an nap for an hour!!!