Monday, February 25, 2008

SEAL Museum and the Beach

Today we decided to head back to Fort Pierce. Rod really wanted to go to the SEAL and Underwater Demolition Team Museum. Destini and Makkiah weren't feeling well so they stayed home with Ahma.

The rest of us loaded up and headed off.

It was really neat. We walked through the entire history of the SEALS. I'm not a big history person but even I enjoyed it.

Outside they had different vehicles that have been used by the different teams.

The museum was right near the beach and we hadn't seen it yet so we headed over the boardwalk to the beach.

It was beautiful. The water was so blue. Very different from the west coast beaches.

The kids enjoyed running in the water and collecting shells.

I got some great pictures of Rod with Cavelle

and the other kids as well

As we headed back to the van we saw a "Wisconsin beach" as the kids called it -

Afterwards we headed home to go swimming

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Amah said...

That looks so funny!! Especially since the beach is right on the other side of the bushes!!! That is probably a million dollar property behind that fence!! Ya just never know about some people!!