Sunday, February 24, 2008

Presentation and lunch

Today we had a busy morning. We got up, did hair, got everyone dressed and headed off to church.
The first church was in Lakewood called The Crossing at Lakewood. This is a second location of the church that my Mom attends.

The oldest five kids did a 15 minute presentation and got a standing ovation. The group really seemed to enjoy it.

Then we left and headed over to the The Crossing in Vero Beach which is the site that my Mom attends.

The kids did a presentation there also and once again got a standing ovation.

After the presentation was done Rod went to teach the youth and I helped out in the nursery with Ladaria.

After church was over we went to lunch at Sloane's. They have a buffet style lunch and it was good.

The babies weren't very impressed though.

Cavelle thought he would eat some grass instead....

and was not happy when he was not allowed to eat it


Amah said...

And then went swimming and all in all - had a very wonderful day!!

Uncle Will said...

don't worry lil' man even as you get older the women in your life still don't let you eat what you want...(lol)