Thursday, February 21, 2008

Manatee Boat Tour

Today we decided to head out to Fort Pierce to the Manatee Place. The 1pm tour was full but we were told that if we had at least 5 people they would go out on a second tour. Well we had that so we paid for our tour and headed off to find some lunch.

Fort Pierce is a small town place and we walked two blocks to downtown and found a small greek place to eat. The kids enjoyed it and by this time there were a few sprinkles. It was still pretty warm outside so we didn't think anything of it.

We headed back to the Manatee Educational Center where the kids spent some time learning about manatees.

Soon it was time to load up onto the boat. It was us, the kids and another family of three people. So we had a private boat tour for the most part. It was great.

They stopped several times as the dolphins splashed and jumped around us. The kids really enjoyed watching them.

We did see one manatee but he was to quick for me to snap a photo. We did get to see a crane take a bath though!

The tour guide explained how mangrove islands are made.

We saw pelicans and other birds.

And then it started to rain.

At first just a little.

Then the sky opened up and it poured!
We had fun even if we did get a little wet!


Amah said...

It couldn't stay so humid if it didn't rain!!! And you were here in the dry season!!! hehehe

Uncle Will said...

hey other family glad to see you guys add a great time on your vacation and even more so i'm glad to see that ya'll made back safely. can't wait to see ya'll again real soon!