Monday, January 28, 2008

Off to camp

Brayana is headed off to sixth grade camp.

Last night we went out and bought the last few things that she needed.

The list grew since it's decided to rain and the snow elevation is dropping today.

She might get snow while she's there.

We had to make sure that she stayed warm and dry.

Thankfully several of the things she needed were on clearance but still available in the sizes that we needed - WHEW!

Who would think that the stores would bring out the swimsuits and flip flops when we are in the midst of winter storms?

We couldn't find rain boots in her size, and for some reason I couldn't convince her that the cute little lady bug boots might squeeze onto her foot if she tried hard enough - LOL.

So with a bigger dent in the pocketbook, a bag filled to the brim and nice cozy sleeping bag -

off she goes!


Amah said...

She is just growing up way to fast! Put a book on her head and make her stop!!!

Have lots of fun baby girl.

And why is it that the "last minute list" is always longer than the first minute list? LOL

Sharen said...

I remember the 6th grade! Can't believe grandneices are there.

Hope she has a wonderful time... the way it's going there may be snow here when you guys come to Oregon this Summer so hang on to those gloves!

Love, Aunt Sharen

Amah said...

When is she coming back? Long time - no post!!!