Thursday, August 04, 2005

Old and New

What is now our living room at one point in the history of our house was the garage. They converted it into an "apartment". Remember when I said that there were 4 apartments? Well the garage conversion was one of them, the only thing missing was the kitchen. The people who owned it rented out each "apartment" and only two had "kitchens" or what you could call a kitchen!! Anyway the garage was converted, a room was added on to the back and there was a room upstairs added. The front window was stained glass and they were screwed closed since they didn't locked correctly. They also weren't very energy efficient considering that you could look outside through the cracks. The front door also would swell when it got cold and we couldn't open it. We took down all the walls in this room, redid the electrical, put in a new front door and a new window. I have to say that it looks MUCH better. In this picture you can see the old window and the old front door. The walls were also a baby blue color.

Here is a picture of the new window. It's energy efficient, you see out of it and best of all it locks!! It also looks nice which is a huge plus!!!!!

The new front door also looks nice and you can open it even when it rains or is cold.

Right after we moved in we had some Jehovah Witness's knock on the door. It was cold and rainy outside. The door wouldn't open and the windows were screwed shut! We also had one of those black security doors on (it has also been removed). I still wonder what they must have thought!! Here was this lady staring out the window with all these kids and I just kept saying that I couldn't open the door!!! Don't have that problem now though.

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