Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Ellie!!
Today is Ellie's 1st Birthday. She's crawling but not yet walking. She's pulling up to a stand and will walk pushing the little walking thing but hasn't gotten up enough confindence to walk yet. Not bad considering that she didn't even crawl when she came to us 2 months ago. She'll be walking soon.
We had a little party for her. Cake and ice cream. We had friends over for dinner so they joined us in the festivity. She got a talking phone and a "gumball machine". It's a fisher price toy that drops out these round balls. She loves the little balls so we got the machine that goes
with them.
We were supposed to meet her Mom at the park and have cake and ice cream with her but she didn't show up. I was a little irritated with her considering - I had to get 5 kids off to school, 3 cats to the vet for their spay and neuter surgery, and the 4 little ones dressed and ready all before going to the park at 10am. I rushed everywhere wanting to make sure that I wasn't late and then she didn't even show up!! She was supposed to bring cake and ice cream and had asked Angie the week before what kind she wanted. Angie of course wanted to know where her Mom was and where the cake was. Angie LOVES Happy Birthday. How do you nicely tell a 2 year old that her Mom didn't show up? I really wish she wouldn't tell her she was coming when she's not.
I think that Ellie had a good birthday party even if Mom didn't see her. As you can see from her face she LOVED her cake!!

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