Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Destini and Angie's Room

When we moved into the house this was one of the 7 possible bedrooms. It had old, dark wood panels on the entire room including the closet. When we took the paneling down we had a mess. Part of the wall was plaster which was breaking into pieces from the foundation shifting. There was drywall where they had covered the window that used to go outside but was added onto and is now Rod & I's bedroom. There was also drywall over what used to be the closet door from the old master bedroom which is now a bedroom/hallway. That'a a whole other post though! Anyway, the drywall wasn't as thick as the plaster so they tried to even it out with mud. My guess is that they gave up and put up the paneling instead of redoing the room. So, we took ALL of it down and redid it. Here is the finished product.

Here are the beds with newly painted walls. I'm going to get tulle to hang from the ceiling over the ends like a canopy and put blinds in the windows.

On the dark pink wall I'm going to paint a castle. We also cleaned the hardwood floors and oiled them. They still need to be sealed though.

These are the new closets. The boc thing is the air return for our central air. Before we bought the house that closet opened into the old master bedroom ( we know because the neighbors house is the same floorplan that we used to have). They made it one HUGE closet. A little to much for two little girls. We put in the divider when we redid the room. We will make one side for the two girls and the other side for dress clothes that are inbetween kids. The idea is that the clothes that are in between sizes won't keep ending up in my laundry after falling on the floor when the owner of the closet is looking for something else or just playing in their closet.

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