Thursday, August 04, 2005

As seen on TV!

You are never gonna believe what just happened! I'm sitting here at the computer working on my blog, the kids are watching The Three Stooges, and Rod is sleeping. It's 9:45 pm and there's a banging on the door.

Now, we live out in the middle of nowhere and don't typically have visitors at 9:45pm. So I get up and peek around the corner at the front door. I see a man with a flashlight standing at the front door.

I slink over to the door and ask the person (who appears to be a fireman) on the other side what they need. Now considering what happened last week with the guy trying to break into my house (you can read the journal entry from 7/22/05) and the fact that it's almost 10pm I was NOT convinced that he really WAS a fireman when his response from the other side of the door was -"It's the fire department and you have a really big snake in your front yard".

Yeah right and I just fell off the turnip truck!! Ok it's 10pm, it's dark, I live down an alley - why is the fire department in my yard and why should I believe that there is a snake in my yard?!

My response "WHAT?" thinking that MAYBE I didn't hear him right. So his response "There's a really big snake in your front yard and we were wondering if you lost it?"

Now I'm not about to open the door for this guy who claims to be a fireman with a large stray snake in my frontyard. I told him to wait there, I run back and tell Rod, who is sleeping since he has to go to work at 3am that there is a man at the front door who says there is a snake in our yard.

He must not have heard me right because he said "What?" So I repeated myself. So he gets up and gets dressed. I run back to the front because I'm sure that by now my kids have probably let the strange man in my house since they are so friendly.

I then got the bright idea to go to the front window. Out in my driveway is a fireman shining a flashlight into my garbage can and my neighbors van with the headlights on. I decided that since my neighbors were out there then this must in fact be a REAL fireman that I have left at the door!

I open the door and the fireman repeats the question. Now, there are a few things that I DON'T do - spiders, roaches, mice and snakes - YUCK! After reassuring the fireman that it was NOT my snake but it WAS my garbage can I decided to be brave and go see this snake for myself that has caused the commotion.

In my garbage can was an 8 foot, albino python similar to the one seen here. Now obviously the thing was somebodies pet. It's like one of those things that you see on animal planet or something. When the neighbors pulled into the driveway he was heading into our yard.

What a suprise that would have been when Rod left for work in the morning!! They went to all the neighboring houses and couldn't find anyone who had lost a snake.

They asked if they could borrow my garbage can to take him back to the station house. They loaded the snake and garbage can up into the firetruck (it was at the end of the driveway and not visible to me) and off they went. They reassured me that I would get my garbage can back. I just hope they don't bring it with the snake!!

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Gretchen said...

Wow S'te, that's the kind of excitement you can live without! Much better to have an as-seen-on-tv experience like Publisher's Clearinghouse come to your door and award you the $10 million prize! LOL Glad the snake got rounded up with no problems (and that he was only in your trash can and not under your house!)