Monday, March 27, 2006


Got a call from Headstart.

My 5 year old needed to be picked up and brought home for hitting the other kids in his class:-(

If there's one thing in school that I really dislike, it's bullies and my child is setting out to be the Headstart bully...ugh.

He can't return to school until I have a meeting with the teacher, director and facilitator lady, which I can't do until Thursday morning before I head to the airport.

So he's home with me and will be having NO fun while he's suspended.

Got him situtated in a chair to sit his school time away and I got another call.

This time from Destini's teacher to say that she was involved in two situations on the playground.

The first one she was being bullied by some boys who wanted her attention (don't they know that she's not old enough for that mess!).

The second one her and her new friend were pushing the boys (different ones) off the monkey bars and kicking them in the crotch...did I mention that I dislike bullies...double UGH.

So I arranged for her to sit out of recess for the rest of the week and let them know that should not be allowed to sit out of recess with her cohort in crime.

She also will not be having fun while she's grounded and I let her know that if she has another incident like this she won't be on the payground for the rest of the year.

The other kids deserve to play peacefully on the playground WITHOUT her bullying them.

Hopefully they both learn their lesson and this mess stops.

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Amah said...

Mak has his Uncle Jeremy beat. At least he waited until 1st grade and it wasn't for being a bully. He was suspended for skipping school. UGH