Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Furniture

My new furniture arrived! It came today and I'm so excited to have real living room furniture. I had a sectional from IKEA before but in our large living room it looked lost. We decided that with some of our tax money we were going to buy some nice furniture AND the extended stain warranty with it.

My living room was dark and dreary and smelly when we bought the house. It had a single light bulb that hung from the center of the room (I used to say I felt like I should be in a gambling ring or the mafia with it! LOL) and wall heater that didn't work. The wiring wasn't done right and if you unscrewed the lightbulb to change it EVERYTHING on that circuit lost electricity (It just happened that half of our house was on that circuit!) It also had the old ugly stained glass windows that were screwed shut because they didn't lock, a solid wooden door that wouldn't open when it was cold or rained and industrial type carpet with melted iron spots on it.

Since we moved in to our money pit we've taken down all the plaster from the walls and the heater, rewired the room, hung drywall and textured, painted, put in a new window that locks AND we can see through, put in a new door that opens whenever we need it to, installed a fan with light, replaced the carpet, hung curtains, put stuff on the walls and finally got furniture for it. The only thing that we have left to do in this room is the trim around the windows and the new door.

It really does look different!


Amah said...

Looks great!! Papa can't wait to try out the recliner!! Less than a week now.

Sharen & Mitch said...

S'te, I really looks wonderful! You have done an exceptional job restoring that building to a home!
Love ya! Aunt Sharen