Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring cleaning

I'm on a roll. Cleaned out the guest bedroom - Getting ready for the next family visit from Ahma and Poppa over at Sea-Ami!! - and got the pictures hung up. They've been sitting in there for months but I finally got motivated enough to hang the stuff up.

Also cleaned out several closets and have people coming to get that stuff that I no longer feel needs to sit around and collect dust. If someone else can use it, then please do. I don't even think of doing garage sales anymore. Whoever can get here first to pick it up can have it!

My old couch will be headed out the door today to make room for the new furniture that will arrive tomorrow. It's actually starting to look like a living room!

I think my next project will be the library and the book shelves. I'm getting rid of all the VHS movies since we don't have a VCR. All they do is sit and collect dust so might as well pass them on to someone who will use them and enjoy them.

My house is starting to look like a home instead of a storage area or a construction zone! YEAH!!!

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Amah said...

Wonderful!! I'm glad you are feeling better. I just hope you don't overdo and exhaust yourself. I'll be there in a week - I can help too!!! Anything that you want!! I love you. Give the kids and Rod kisses for me!