Tuesday, March 21, 2006


After having the house for two years and having the living room complete meaning drywall and paint on it) for at least 6 months I finally got my curtains hung up.

My Mom had hung up a red sheet in the window to serve as curtains and some of my kids were actually sad to see me take it down but I did.

So I finally have matching curtains on the windows - well almost - I still need to get one more set of sheers to go with the one set of curtains up but I'm getting there.

I also put up some new shelves AND some pictureso n the wall.

I guess getting new furniture get you in the mood to actually do something to the room.

Honestly, I could have lived with the red sheet in the window forever and it really wouldn't have bothered me. At least not to much!

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Amah said...

When the new furniture geats there, you just want everythng to look good for a bit - 'til you get used to it again!! I have pictures with the red sheet in them!!