Wednesday, January 25, 2006

That spinning thing!

Rod, Ladaria, Tyreque and I are sitting and watching American Idol. Watching all the people who think that they can sing but really can't is always great entertainment.

So Tyreque turns around and I'm not sure where it came from but he says that he's always wanted to go on one of those things that you hold onto and they spin around when someone pushes them.

Rod and I laugh. A merry-go-round!! One of those playground staples when we were YOUNGER!! Never even thought that my children have been deprived by not having them around anymore.

We reminisced about jumping on and off of them, holding the middle bar and putting our feet out while it spun around and the infamous puddle around the outside that you inevitably landed in no matter how hard you tried jumping over it.

So now I feel old!!

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Amah said...

And you loved that "spinning thing" !!!