Saturday, January 14, 2006

The start of a weekend

Rod and I went to a leadership conference at our church last night and this morning. It was really good and I learned some things.
THen we went to Big Lots. We are looking for some shelves to put in Brayana and Ladaria's room so that they have places up higher to put things they don't want the babies to have. I think I found what I want at Walmart but thought I'd check out Big Lots first.
I also told Ladaria that I would braid her hair this weekend so I have top find a couple of hours to do that. I braided Brayana's 2 weeks ago and it's time to redo it. It's so nice to not have to fight with her everyo morning about brushing her hair. Makes my life easier.
I will try to get some new pics on here and will install the CDROM so that I can put the vacation pics on here.
Checking things off my list!!

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Amah said...

Now I know what you've been busy doing! Being a Mom :)