Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Brayana, Destini and Jaleel are now on the Aim for Faith Junoirs Team. Last night was the first practice for the new younger team and they really seemed to enjoy it. They wanted to practice when they got home and they all got up early this morning so they could practice before school! We'll see how long this last!
So far they have two presentations that they will be doing. As they practice more they will be able to do more things but first things first.
I've been busy here at home. Sorting clothes that were given to us and washing them before they either find a home with my children or I pass them on to someone else. Sorting through curriculum to list on E-bay and working on Children's Ministry stuff. Rod and I are also taking a class on Tuesday nights at the church. It's an evangalism class which also includes homework. I should be doing mine but instead I'm updating this so some people will stop complaining:-) I try to get as much done as I can while I just have the two babies in the morning but the time seems to pass way to quickly!
Hope that everyone is having a good week and I will try to update again soon.


Amah said...

How did TEE TEE like her gift? You were supposed to put her pic on here when you updated!!! I'm your mom so I can complain if I want!! :)

Amah said...

Please be sure to video thier first performance. I'd like to see it.
Love, MOM