Monday, January 30, 2006


We finally have a hallway all the way down the hall!

One of our bedrooms (Ellie and Taniyah's) you had to walk through to get to the back of the house - kitchen, master bedroom and laundry area. We had a long pole and shower curtain up to make a "room" for the two babies but if you walked down the hall while they were sleeping, well you didn't have a sleeping baby anymore.

So, on Saturday night Rod & I went and picked up our order from IKEA. We now have a "wall" of linen closets. They go from floor to ceiling and open into the hallway. If you walk down the hallway they look like closet space and it provides a great barrier between the hallway and the bedroom. And since they are white they don't make the hall look to dark or dreary.

I will post a pic when I get some taken. I need to go put all the shelves in so I can utilize my new space:-)

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Amah said...

I'm looking forward to the picture. It seems like forever!!