Saturday, May 09, 2009

Warrior Football at 8am!

Our tackle team is the underdog in this league, big time. All the other teams in our division are "stacked" teams. Basically they are teams that play all year together and use this time as off season practice to train the new players that they recruit. Our team is made up of 8 players - 1 player has played 2 seasons, 2 players (Brayana and Jaleel) have played 1 season of football, 1 player has played soccer and the other 4 players have never played sports at all. We had two other players who had never played either but they quit. We are required to have 8 players on the field so our kids play the entire game. The other teams all have 14-16 players so we are REALLY the underdogs.

Today our team got out there and played the best they have played all season. The team we played is undefeated.

Up until today our team had never scored a touchdown. The most yards we had gained was 40 which happened during our game last week where we got massacred.

Today it was 4th down and 20 (thanks to an offsides penalty). Brayana got the ball, cut to the outside and RAN. She kept running for about 60 yards and literally 2 ft from the end zone she stepped to the side to keep from getting hit and got tackled from behind. She was SO close to that first Warrior touchdown.

So the next play the ball made it no where as they were watching Brayana. So they changed the play AND
Darius scored the FIRST Warrior touchdown!!

Then there was an on side kick and Devin caught the ball and made a SECOND Warrior touchdown! Two in one day.

We lost the game 12-24 but it was still an AWESOME game

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Diane said...

Way to go!! Glad I could be there to watch the first Warrior touchdowns - but definitely not the last of the year!