Thursday, June 19, 2008

Melt my Heart!

I made four Remember Me pillows for my sister in law Melissa.

Justin headed off to "over there" from North Carolina the day Chloe was born in Arizona so they have not met yet. They also have two little boys Brandon and Levi.

Melissa saw the pictures of Taniyah with her Daddy and wanted four of them - one for each of the kids and one for herself.

She got her box today and said she was shocked when she opened the box -"It's just perfect size for the children and I love them. Thank you!"

Brandon started crying when he saw his and said "I miss my Daddy so very much".

Levi almost jumped into the pool at the beginning of swimming lessons with his Daddy and immediately exiting the pool grabbed him up even though he was soaking wet.

And sweet Baby Chloe well she's not big enough to talk but a picture is worth a thousand words sometimes.


Debbie Patterson said...


What a wonderful idea. That picture is priceless!!!!!


Diane said...

So very sweet! It should be mandatory for every child with a parent overseas to have one of your pillows!! You did a wonderful job!