Saturday, March 22, 2008

Replacing the door

With Rod off on deployment my projects have started. It keeps me busy and helps to keep my mind off the fact that he's not here. It's also a form of stress relief for me I guess.

So my projects have started.

My first project this deployment has been replacing the door in to LD and RQ's room. They had huge wooden double doors that went into their room. I'm not sure what the intention of the doors was when they were installed since they did not have any way of latching or closing the doors.
This has been a project that we've been wanting to do for quite some time. It kept getting put on the backburner as I thought it was going to be a hige undertaking and would leave the girls with a large hole for several days.

I was so far from wrong. It's turned into one of the easiest projects we've done in this house so far!

The first day we took the molding off and the old doors out. The old doors were picked up by someone whose going to use them for a haunted house.

We hung a sheet up over the hole as their "door" for bedtime.

Then the second day I got the door framed in, installed the door, and got the drywall up. It went really quickly. After I had the drywall up I taught the girls how to tape and mud. Since the drywall was up and mudded the door was functional and there was no hole in the wall. One say is all it took.

The third day I taught them how to texture the wall to match the surrounding wall. They learned quick and did a great job.

The fourth day the newly textured wall got a coat of primer and the hallway side got a coat of yellow paint to match the rest of the hallway.

The only thing I have left to do on the hallway side is to install the molding back. While the girls were doing the texturing I went around and did touch up patching on the cracks and screw holes that had appeared. I also did touch up painting and installed new hardware on the living room gate!

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Amah said...

busy, busy, busy!! I don't know where you get all the energy from. . . . no wonder you are down to bones!! :)