Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Friendship Festival

Tonight Makkiah's class had a Friendship Festival.

Each of the kids drew "pictures" of themselves with the color of the shirt that they were wearing.

They sang songs - both as a complete group and as seperate classes.

As I sat watching them I couldn't help but think back when I was in first grade doing my own school program.

I actually remember two of them - one had a summer theme with pools or something, the other was a Christmas program.

It's hard to believe that my own children are now repeating the same process.


Amah said...

And you'd have been to lots more of them if you hadn't homeschooled ~~ hehee!! I loved going to the concerts and plays. My favorite part of your schooling. And I was as proud of you as you are of your kids... Ain't life grand :)

Amah said...

Remember his preschool and the "chicken dance". . . .