Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prom 2008

Tyreque went to Junior Prom last night.
Him and his date looking all purdy!!
Best group shot out of the pictures that were taken on my camera (not by me)
The three couples
They took limos to the prom


Diane said...

I didn't ever think I'd see him in a suit again!! Looks like he had a great time too.... Of course what guy wouldn't with all those purdy girls around. Did you cry???? I did!!!LOL

Marsha said...

ok! Why did I get no call? lol. Ty you look great, you showed your date up! love ya man

Auntie Marsha

uncle will said...

Proud of you man and i really like how you were to only guy in the girl shot...way to go! i'll see ya soon and you can fill in then

Sharen said...

They all look so bueatiful! Ty looks pretty happy! Looking forward to seeing everyone in person in July in Coos Bay!