Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another fence

Two years ago we did one side and the back fence. We weren't going to do it yet but the windstorm that we had that year had other ideas.

Then we did the sideyard fence.

Then we took down the chainlink fence in the front and replaced it with a picket fence.

Then we did the fence around the BBQ area to keep Taniyah in the backyard and all of the kids out of the BBQ area. We still have the gates to do for that part but they should be pretty easy.

Now we are starting the last side of the fence. Once this is done we will we be finished with all of the fences.

Today I took down the wooden fence on the last side and the posts. Let's see how long it takes to get this side completed.

1 comment:

Amah said...

I hope it doesn't take as long as the "projects" around here take!! I'm sure it won't be long - not once you get your mind set to it!!

Good luck on the posts!!