Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trip to the ER

Sat and Sunday Taniyah was acting like her neck hurt. She wasn't wanting to move it from side to side and occassionally didn't want to move it up and down. We gave her motrin and it seemed to help.

I figured that if she wasn't better by Monday I would make an appt at the clinic for her.

Monday morning she woke up and would not put her head down. I called the appt line and they had no appts but recommended that I take her to the ER as it had progressed to the point of not moving her head at all. They said that if she injured her neck they would not be able to facilitate treating her.

So off to the ER we headed, I called Rod, Marsha and Mom to let them know that I was taking her in. Rod told me that he was transferring peirs and would not be able to come up until after he moored at the new pier. Marsha told me to let her know what was going on as she was stuck at work but would get Will if need be. Mom talked to me the rest of the way to downtown and reminded me to take a picture. Luckily I had a camera in the glovebox so I got one before heading inside.


This is how she rode all the way to the ER. Shw would not put her head down. We got there and it was empty. They took us right back and assured me that it probably was just a muscle spasm.

They asked lots of questions, looked her over from head to toe, back and front, asked more questions, looked her over again and then decided to get some x-rays of her neck. Their two main concerns were the nasal discharge from her nose as they said it could be the sign of an abcess in her neck. The other concern was a fracture of her vertebra.

Had the xrays done and waited. The best part of being in the ER - NOT! After waiting I was told that the xrays looked normal and we were waiting for a final read. After another wait they changed their minds. The radiologist thought he saw something suspicious looking on her C1 and C2. He wanted a CT scan done so they put in an IV and she fell asleep. While sleeping they taped a rolled up towel around her neck so that she couldn't move it. They decided that she did so well getting the iv in (it was solely for the sedation to do the CT scan) and the fact that she was asleep that we would try to do the scan without sedation. If we could do it without sedation then we wouldn't have to wait the 7 hours since she last ate.

So we headed up and did the CT scan. Taniyah did awesome! She laid on the table and did not move! She didn't budge. They did the scan and within 15 minutes of getting there we were headed back out again. Back to the ER anyway.

When we got back from CT will was there. Marsha had called him and he left the class that he was in to come up and sit with me. About 30 minutes later, Rod showed up. Then they moved us to a different room. After 8 hours in the ER Taniyah was declared to have a MUSCLE SPASM! They said to give her motrin and follow up with her ped. if she wasn't better in a day or two.


Amah said...

Glad that all turned out better than it could've. She sure looks uncomfortable!! At least it wasn't 17 hours for heartburn!!

Glad she is ok. Glad you had someone to sit with you. It gets lonesome in those places!!

Sharen said...

Oh, it is so scary when they are little and can't tell you what is going on! You two are great parents! It could have been meninigitis or something and time could have been of the essense ~ so grateful it was a muscle spasm! Wonder what caused it? Any ideas?
Love, Aunt Sharen

Marsha said...

Can we get an update? lol