Friday, October 13, 2006

Blue Angels

Today we went to a special showing of the Blue Angels.

It was for the Make a Wish foundation and chronically ill kids from Balboa.

There were only a few kids from Balboa that made it but we still had fun.

If you click on the first picture you can see the slideshow of pics from the airshow.

Blue Angels

Blue Angels

After the show the pilots came and signed pictures for the kids and took pictures.

Makkiah and Pilot #8

Balboa kids with the Blue Angel pilots

After 5.5 hours we were headed home and Taniyah was tired but she was not going to let loose of her paper.

Sleeping with her Blue Angels


Amah said...

Airshows are wonderful!! Glad that the MAWF makes it possible for the kids to do so much!! Thanks for the pics.

O_Scientist said...

oh, i wish we had air shows around here.

we have a tiny airport, just had the busiest weekend of the year because of homecoming. all the rich parents come visit in their private jets...


Sharen said...

Sometimes I forget that Mac is considered seriously ill - Amah had to remind me that he takes 5 medications a day to breath. You and Rod seem to just take everything in stride which has made it possible for him to grow up like every other child! Those Angels appreciate those kids coming out to see them - to bad so few could make it!
Aunt Sharen