Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Vocal Cord Spasm

Makkiah has been having these "episodes". He will look as if he is choking, drool, face turns red. Then he starts coughing and coughs up clear foamy mucous. Not a good thing to have happen and certainly NOT a good thing for a mother to have to watch.

I called his pulmonary specialist who says that it sounds like Vocal Cord Spasms. This is the only thing online that I could find on Vocal Cord Dysfunction and is not what I wanted to read about what my child might have. I'm choosing to think better thoughts - hmm - what better thoughts could I think about all of this? I need some help here!

They asked at school what they should do for him if it happens at school - all I could say was - "If he's having a hard time OR he stops breathing call 911!" They weren't to thrilled about that one and neither was I but honestly I don't know what to tell them. I'm at a loss.

Pulmonologist told me call him back next week and let him know how Makkiah's doing. If it gets more frequent or he has longer episode that's more scary than the ones he's had take him straight to the ER. OK so what do I do in the meantime?!

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Amah said...

Make sure you call him back TIC