Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The new topic of the week is sleep. I don't know about all the other large families but bedtime at our house goes something like this.

I lay on the couch eating bon-bons and get a massage from my hubby. I tell the kids to get ready for bed and they all go brush their teeth, take a shower, put on pj's and all are in bed by their 8pm bedtime.

Oh wait...that's just my dream bedtime. I guess you all want to know reality bedtime!!

All the kids brush teeth after dinner and do chores. This involves checking and rechecking until it's done right. Then showers for whoevers day it is to shower that day. Everyone gets pajamas on while I change babies and put thier jammies on. I also help Angie and Makkiah get into jammies.

At 8pm it's bedtime for all the littles -12 and under- and medication time for Makkiah who usually comes to remind me that he needs his evening meds.

Ellie gets put in bed, Angie to bed, Makkiah to bed, and Brayana,Destini, and Jaleel all comes give hugs and kisses before bed. Then Angie and Makkiah get put back in bed because they forgot that they didn't give hugs and kisses.

After the first 6 are in bed I sit down to nurse Taniyah and then put her to bed, usually by 8:30. In the meantime I've sent or taken Angie back to bed a handful of times and told her to stay there.

At 9 pm Tyreque and Ladaria go to bed and HOPEFULLY Angie and Makkiah are in bed and asleep by this time.

Everybody in my house sleeps all night and I have to make the rounds in the morning to wake everyone up. Thankfully ALL of my kids are sleepers once they stay in their bed for longer than 2.5 seconds to fall asleep!

Nothing exciting at bedtime here.

I'm usually in bed by 10 or 11 or I've fallen asleep on the couch trying to get in a whole, complete, uniterrupted tv program. I usually don't make it though!!

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Amah said...

Hasn't changed much since I was there!! Except of course, Taniyah is now sleeping all night!!