Saturday, September 10, 2005

They made it!

The Novice Rv'ers have finally arrived. Mom called and said that they would probably be in around 7 or 8 pm. We had a babysitter coming for the evening so we told her to give us a call when they made it in and we would meet them for dinner. Erin got there around 5:30pm and we made it out the door around 6:00pm. Mom and Poppa made it in around 7pm, just as we were pulling into the bookstore parking lot. We knew it would take them a few minutes to get things in the house and situated so we went to the bookstore and such. After we were done we headed for our usual dinner spot "Carnitas Uropan" which is a really good mexican food place. We had dinner, got caught up on some talking and went home. We are glad that they made it and that they will be spending a few weeks with us here before heading back out on the road. Before they can do that they need to get some more BRAKE work done! We are going yachting on Saturday so I will update again then.

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