Monday, September 12, 2005


Our family was invited to go to Sailfest 2005 at the San Diego Yacht Club. It's a day that is put together for children who are chronically ill and their families. We took 7 of the kids, Amah and Poppa with us for the day. The other two girls stayed with a friend for several reasons - 1)Neither of them likes to sit for very long periods of time 2)One of them had a very hard time listening and doing what you ask of her 3)We were going sailing and I didn't know what to expect 4)I didn't know how many little ones we could keep aboard a sailboat without losing one overboard.
We arrived at the Yacht Club and they allowed the kids to shoot water from the Harbor Police's boat.

After that we were assigned to a yacht. Since we were the largest family there we got the largest boat there - a 50+ foot racing yacht. It was really nice and the captain was great. He had a wonderful crew there to help. The captain of the yacht is the owner, with his brother, of UK Sailmakers.
After we started sailing I was REALLY glad that we didn't have ALL the little ones on there with us. I'm sure that we never would have made it the whole sailing time without losing one overboard. As it was we had to strap Makkiah to the boat so that he didn't go in when the boat went up onto it's side!
After we were done sailing we went back had a nice BBQ lunch that was catered by the Yacht Club. Kids got thir faces painted, had ice cream and snow cones. At the end they also got a certificate for participating. It really was a fun day.

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Amah said...

We had lots of fun too. We've actually really enjoyed our visit and projects!! The "Money Pit" marches on :)