Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rod's shoulder

On Friday before all the craziness began Rod injured his left shoulder playing softball at work. I got a call from one of the guys saying that he was hurt and he'd bring him home when they were done.

So he came home in obvious pain and off we headed to the Balboa to get a sling as they didn't have any left. They made a make shift sling for him to stabilize his shoulder.

Monday morning we headed to the clinic and found out that he has a complete Grade 3 AC seperation. A complete tear of the AC ligaments and the coracoclavicular ligaments is a grade three AC separation. This injury results in the obvious bump on the shoulder. You can read more about it here -

Yesterday we went back to the clinic and he did some ROM excercises. He will be temporarily assigned to a training center on base right across the street from the clinic so he can walk over for his appointments since he can't drive. He sees the doctor in two weeks to be reevaluated.


Joe said...

Oh boy, S'te - I mean what else could go wrong (I guess the way things are going I should not say that)- glad you are back home and I hope you are no longer in danger.

Tell Rod I hope he gets better soon but I imagine it is still pretty painful - Joe

Amah said...

Oh, buck up there young feller!!!! All kidding aside, hope it gets better soon. I know it hurts!!
Love, MOM

NannyOgg said...


Sending many healing vibes to Rod,