Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy 11th Birthday Brayana!!

Happy Birthday Brayana!!
I remember the day you were born.
It sure doesn't feel like it's been 11 years!
The time goes by so quickly.
This year you graduated from elementary school.
Next year you will be headed off to middle school.
Where does the time go?
You are my tom boy,
the one out catching lizards,
and frogs,
and crawfish.
The one climbing the tree,
or the fence,
or onto the roof.
The one who likes to wear cammi pants,
and holey jeans,
and a pony tale.
Your favorite colors are orange
and black.
Sometimes we can manage to get you in a dress,
and your hair done up,
and something besides tennis shoes on you.
You have a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh.
Can't wait to see what the next 11 years will bring.

1 comment:

Amah said...

I can't either! You are growing up almost as fast as your Mommy did. And that's way to fast for me.