Monday, January 08, 2007

Back to normal

The kids are all back in school and Rod is back off to work. It leaves just me and Tete to hang out together.

We still haven't gotten the shed finished. The floor needs to be put in. It's 6 sheets of plywood that are heavy so not something I can complete by myself.

I'm waiting for Rod to help finish so that I can get the Christmas decorations put away in to the shed. I have about 5 boxes to go through that I haven't looked in since we moved. I know what's in them just need to go through them.

Hopefully we can get the shed finished this week so that I can start moving stuff into it!


Amah said...

Good luck on the shed!! But if you haven't opened the boxes in that long . . . . I'm sure there isn't much in there that you "can't live without".

Sharen said...

Congradulations Ste and Rod on your new baby! How far along are you? I really can see the baby in the ultrasound pictures! So amazing what they do pre-natally! Have they said if pink or blue is appropriate?

Lots of love,
Aunt Sharen