Saturday, July 30, 2005

Living room painted

We got the living room painted - desert floor- and the hallway that goes from the living room into the library area. We will add molding in white, sometime. The carpet is scheduled to go in on the 13th so it will be sometimes after that. It looks so much better in that room. A stark contrast to the dank, dark room that we sat in when we made an offer on the house. Hard to believe that it's even the same room! Will be so glad when we get that new carpet in.
We also got all the beds moved and rearranged to where we want them. Each of the kids has a bed-meaning no more bunkbeds but each has an indiviadual bed-since the bedrooms are all big enough to do it and still have space in each room.
When I figure out the webhosting picture thing that I downloaded then I will add photos. It's supposed to make it easier for me to do this. We'll see!!

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